Dwoz Pubg Id , Sensitivity , Kd , Age , Country , Girlfriend , Biography , Pics , Controls , Real Name , Device , Face Reveal , character id , Stats Dwoz is Competetive Player of pubg mobile And Member Of theclan.


Dwoz pubg id


Dwoz Pubg ID , Face Reveal , Real Name , Country , DeviceSensitivity + Controls , Biography , Device

It is a matter of great pride that Dwoz lives in India and has risen from a state like Rajasthan and has made his name across India today. At just 18 years old, he has crossed the figure of over 800k+ subscribers on his YouTube. He has played the role of entertaining the viewers of PUBG Mobile.


Lets Check Details Of Your Favorite Pubg Mobile Player.


What Is Dwoz Pubg Id?

The pubg id of Dwoz is 534508916 , And His Ingame Name Is Dwozī You Can copy from here and paste into Pubg Mobile ‘add friend’ option. This Is Pubg Mobile Id Or Pubg Mobile Character Id Of Dwoz.


What Is Real Name Of Dwoz?

Real Name of Dwoz Is ‘Deepu verma’ And His Nick Name Is ‘dwoz’.


Where Does Dwoz Live?

Dwoz Live In rajasthan (India). Rising from a small city, today he has made a name for itself across the Nation.


In Which Device Dwoz Playing Pubg Mobile?

Dwoz Currently Playing pubg mobile in iphone 8 plus which is Fastest phone to play pubg mobile smoothly. It provide You Smooth Gameplay.

In future he may be shift to iphone 11 or upper if he want to join competetive. Because latest iphone provide you much smoothness in pubg mobile.


Dwoz Face Reveal

After a lot of hard work we got Dwoz’s picture. Dwoz has not yet revealed his face but we have Found It for you.

This is real pic of dwoz.

Dwoz face reveal


Dwoz Social Media’s Link

Here are some social media’s link of dwoz. You can follow him on these platforms to be updated about every step of them.

1. Facebook(Dwoz Gaming)

2. Instagram(Dwoz Family)

4. Youtube (Dwoz)


Dwoz Pubg Mobile Sensitivity Settings

These Sensitivity may be for iphone users. Because Dwoz is Using IPhone

It mean not yet that you can copy these sensitivity settings and become pro like him. You have to practice daily for get your aim perfect.


Lets Check Sensitivity


1. Camera Sensitivity


Dwoz Pubg Sensitivity


2. Ads Sensitivity


3. Gyroscope Sensitivity



How Best sensitivity and Controls Give You Better Gameplay

And also notice 50% of your gameplay is depend on your device And 50% depend on sensitivity and controls , because many time i notice this , Before i was using default sensitivity but i saw many peoples are controling recoil like zero recoil , so i found my own sensitivity which give me smooth recoil , and now my close range fight much improved then past



Dwoz Pubg Controls Or Layout

Dwoz pubg controls



How Much Time Will I take to learn These controls

According to me , you must use these controls in training For 1-2 hour for first day , then 30 minutes daily for 1 week , and also play tdm matches and war mode. You will be properly shifted to new controls


Who Is Dwoz?

Dwoz is 18 Year old boy from Rajasthan(india). who started his Gaming(pubg mobile) journey in 2018. After pubg mobile(gaming) he have music and photography hobbies. He introduce himself by ‘Rajasthani Chhora’.


Who Is Girlfriend of Dwoz

Not Revealed Yet. We will update if in future he will reveal it.


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Or Mavi


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Dwoz Kd Ratio

he Mostly Play in Squad matches only , so we have checked kd ratio only in squad (Asia)

He Have 5-7 Average Kd Ratio In Pubg Mobile.


Dwoz Detailed Leaderboard

Real Name Deepu Verma
Nick Name Dwoz
Pubg Id 534508916
Relationship  Single
Country India
InGame Name Dwozī
State Rajasthan
Clan TheClan
Age 19 Year Old
Device/mobile iPhone 8 plus
Role Assaulter
Email/Contact Not Available
Controls  4 fingers + Gyroscope
Religion Hinduism


Dwoz Biography  & Facts

  • Dwoz Have More Then 37k+ Followers On His Instagram
  • Dwoz have more then 850k+ Subscribers On His youtube channel , he will cross one Million Milestone Soon.
  • Dwoz Have 3M+ Popularity On his pubg mobile account
  • he Joined His Youtube Channel On 23 Oct, 2019
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