Fatalfrag Pubg Id , Sensitivity , Biography , Controls , Real Name , Device , character id , Face , net worth , Country Fatal frag called Rich Player of pubg mobile With expensive inventery


Fatalfrag pubg id


Fatalfrag Pubg Id , Country , face , net worth , Sensitivity , Controls , Biography , Stats & more

Lets Check Details Of Your Favorite Pubg Mobile Player


Fatalfrag Pubg Id

Real Name FatalFrag
Nick Name frag
Pubg Id 5373696835
Relationship  Single
Country China
InGame Name 米FatalFrag米
State Unknown
Clan Not In A Clan
Age 21 Year Old
Device/mobile iPad
Role Rusher
Instagram fatalfrag
Youtube fatalfragyt
Email/Contact not available
Controls  5 fingers + Gyroscope
Religion Unknown


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Fatalfrag Sensitivity

Lets Check Sensitivity


1. Camera Sensitivity

Fatalfrag pubg Sensitivity


2. Ads Sensitivity


3. Gyroscope Sensitivity


How Best sensitivity and Controls Give You Better Gameplay

And also notice 50% of your gameplay is depend on your device And 50% depend on sensitivity and controls , because i also notice this many time , in past i was using default sensitivity but i see many peoples are controling recoil like zero recoil , so i found my own sensitivity which give me smooth recoil , and now my close range fight much improved then past



Fatalfrag Controls Or Layout


Fatalfrag pubg controls


How Much Time Will I take to learn These controls

According to me , you must use these controls in training For 1-2 hour for first day , then 30 minutes daily for 1 week , and also play tdm matches and war mode. You will be properly shifted to new controls


Tier verview

Fatalfrag is Playing Pubg Mobile From Season -5 Lets check Tier Overview Of every season, this Statistics Is From Europe Server


Season Squad Duo Solo
Season – 1 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 2 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 3 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 4 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 5 Crown IV Platinum V Gold V
Season – 6 Ace Platinum I Gold III
Season – 7 Crown II Crown IV Silver I
Season – 8 Conqueror Crown III Silver I
Season – 9 Ace Diamond II Silver I
Season – 10 Ace Gold I Silver I
Season – 11 Ace Gold IV Silver I
Season – 12 Conqueror Gold V Silver I
Season – 13 Ace Platinum I Silver I
Season – 14 Updating Updating Updating

Fatalfrag Kd Ratio , Every season Rank And Stats

he Mostly Play in Squad matches only , so we will check kd ratio only in squad


Season Match Played K/d Ratio Most Kills
Season – 1 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 2 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 3 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 4 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 5 237 1.98 10
Season – 6 12.44 2.30 18
Season – 7 1542 4.14 22
Season – 8 586 5.69 22
Season – 9 619 6.11 17
Season – 10 755 7.29 23
Season – 11 490 4.14 21
Season – 12 422 9.83 22
Season – 13 212 4.92 31
Season – 14 updating updating updating


Fatalfrag Biography

Fatalfrag called richest pubg mobile player with millions of worth of His inventery.

He spend more then millions of dollars on pubg mobile for achieve 1st biggest inventery of pubg mobile.

Fatalfrag joined pubg mobile from season 5 , and he got fam because of his crate opening videos get viral on social media like instagram , tiktok and mostly youtube.

He have more then 800k subscribers on his youtube channel. Am sure he will reach 1M sub milestone soon. And will get golden play button from youtube.

Fatalfrag open his youtube channel on 20 june 2019 and he get 700k subs only in first one year.


Fatalfrag Inventery

1. Fatalfrag have more then 60+ legendary helmet skins


2. Fatalfrag have 81+ Backpack skins


Now I Am going to Show you small introduction of fatalfrag inventery

Fatalfrag pubg inventery

Have a look on it.