We Are Going To See Jonathan Id , Sensitivity , Controls , Real Name , Device , Stats. We can say Entity/Tsm jonathan is best pubg mobile player of india , Jonathan have Over Powered reflex and Faster movement (jiggle) With Thumbs Only

Jonathan Pubg Mobile Biography


Jonathan Pubg Mobile Id , Sensitivity , Controls , Bio , Device , Layout

Lets Check Details Of Your Favorite Pubg Mobile Player Jonathan Gaming


Real Name Jonathan Amaral
Nick Name Jonathan
Age 18-19 Year Old
Place Of Birth Mumbai (india)
Country India
Character Id 5112616229
Clan Entity Gaming/TSment
Crew Not In A Crew
Device/mobile IPhone 11 Pro
Youtube Jonathan Gaming
Instagram tsm_entjonathan
Email/Contact Unknown
Claw Thumbs + Gyro
Religion Hindu


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Jonathan Pubg Mobile Sensitivity

Lets Check Sensitivity Of Jonathan Gaming

1. Camera Sensitivity


2. Ads Sensitivity


3. Gyroscope


Jonathan Pubg Mobile Controls Or Layout



Button’s Size


Jonathan’s Tier Overview

Jonathan Is Playing Pubg Mobile From Season – 2 Lets check Tier Overview Of every season this Statistics Is Of Asia Searver


Season Squad Duo Solo
Season – 1 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 2 Crown II Platinum IV Bronze I
Season – 3 Conqueror Platinum II Bronze I
Season – 4 Conqueror Gold III Bronze I
Season – 5 Conqueror Gold II Bronze I
Season – 6 Ace Gold IV Bronze I
Season – 7 Ace Silver II Bronze I
Season – 8 Ace Gold V Bronze I
Season – 9 Ace Gold V Bronze I
Season – 10 Ace Gold V Bronze I
Season – 11 Crown I Gold V Bronze I
Season – 12 Ace Gold V Bronze I


Jonathan Gaming’s K/d Ratio And Statistics

He Mostly Play in Squad matches only , so we will check kd ratio only in squad (Asia)


Season Match Played K/d Ratio Most Kills
Season – 1 N/A N/A N/A
Season – 2 441 3.80 16
Season – 3 809 7.33 19
Season – 4 530 12.04 18
Season – 5 499 14.07 19
Season – 6 501 8.49 22
Season – 7 334 7.55 24
Season – 8 353 7.22 23
Season – 9 309 6.59 21
Season – 10 383 6.92 30
Season – 11 351 6.33 34
Season – 12 updating Updating 26


Jonathan Gaming Biography

The top 5 best players in this tournament are Zuxxy and Luxxy from BTR, TES Eagle, Entity Jonathan, and Megaonline24. Newer players seem to be the stars of this tournament, as Zuxxy and Luxxy are both under 18. The same thing also happens in the Indian scene, as the older players like Mortal, Viper, and Ghatak did not perform really well, whereas Jonathan, Neyooo, Regaltos, and ClutchGod were actually carrying the game.

Jonathan Gaming Pubg Mobile

He Get 4th Positing In Wordwide In Tournament


Entity Jonathan’s real name is Amaral. He currently plays in the Assaulter position as past of PUBG Mobile squad of Entity Gaming. The guy joined Entity in 2019, as part of its first lineup. He has been a part of Entity playing in all stages of PMCO and Vodafone 5G Mobile Open. During PMCO, Entity got the fifth place with sixty-seven kills. Jonathan covered about forty percent of those, with a total score of 28. He was the only Indian player to get into the MVP board ever.


His best play in the tournament is probably on the first day of the final, as he and Neyooo doing a 2vs4 against Orange Esports and wipe them all out easily. This event has catapulted Jonathan’s name in the esports scene of India. The guy would have a bright future in this business, with many organizations competing for his signature.