Redmi 8a Best Sensitivity Settings Here We provide You How much fps And Graphics Redmi 8A Support in Pubg Mobile And Controls Which Pro Players Are Using In It.


Redmi 8a Pubg Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings

Redmi 8a Pubg Mobile


Redmi 8a Pubg Mobile Fps And Graphics Settings

Here we are showing you how much graphics

settings And Fps redmi 8a support In Pubg Mobile


Redmi 8a Support Medium Fps With Smooth


Redmi 8a Support Medium Fps With Balanced

Redmi 8a Pubg Graphics


Redmi 8a does not support Hd And Hdr Graphics


Should I Buy This Phone For Pubg Mobile?

If you are a hardcore gamer then this device is not for you. But if you are want to use it only for photography and phone calls then its ok.


How Best sensitivity and Controls Give You Better Gameplay

And also notice 50% of your gameplay is depend on your device And 50% depend on sensitivity and controls , because i also notice this many time , in past i was using default sensitivity but i see many peoples are controling recoil like zero recoil , so i found my own sensitivity which give me smooth recoil , and now my close range fight much improved then past.


Best Sensitivity Settings For Redmi 8a


Camera Sensitivity


Ads Sensitivity

Redmi 8a Pubg Sensitivity


Gyroscope Sensitivity

Redmi 8a Pubg Mobile Gyroscope Settings


Should I Use Gyroscope And Why ?

Yes , you must use gyroscope , which can control your recoil More then 40% , In Case If enemy in long range then gyroscope help you too much , am personaly using gyroscope which giving me smooth recoil on Reddot And Mostly For 3x or 6x Spray(6x convert into 3x).


Now Lets Check My Controls which Pro Players Are using in Redmi 8a


Best Controls for Redmi 8a

This For 4 Fingers + Gyroscope Users


Realme 6i pubg Mobile controls


Where From You Get This Controls ?

There We Get This Controls from Best Redmi 8a users who have Best gameplay in pubg mobile. These controls are for 4 fingers + gyroscope users


Here For Thumbs Users


Who Using These Thumbs Controls ?

If you are thumbs lover , then you will be get shocked , Because we get these controls From india’s best thumb player Which Name Jonathan¬†yes Tsmentjonathan, So you can also try these controls ,


How Much Time Will I take to learn These controls

According to me , you must use these controls in training For 1-2 hour for first day , then 30 minutes daily for 1 week , and also play tdm matches and war mode. You will be properly shifted to new controls.